Make Sure They Are Actually Frequently Asked ?

Sometimes FAQ pages get used as a place to share those questions that we never get to answer, rather than the ones that everyone wants us to answer. It is important to remember that these are your customers most common questions, not just the things that you want to tell them. Keep your questions on-topic and customer focused.

Write Them Using Your Customers Language ?

Customers and business owners talk differently. You should be writing your page in a way that resonates with your customer, and not yourself. This means you need to use their language and their slang. It may make you cringe, but it will be far more valuable when it comes to search queries and perusing customers.

Think and Share Visually ?

Providing an example image, or screenshot, can be a great way to add more value to your page. Make sure your visual element is applicable and sized reasonably for the page. It is just another way to add some value to your site.